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  1. Technical Discussion
    I have a 1999 Honda Shadow 750 ACE. I am nearing 70 years old. The thing is I have had several incidence of the bike cutting off with me after a fill up, after running fine all day, going from one meeting to another. The first was after a fill up, the last was on my way back from a 80 mile...
  2. Technical Discussion
    So I bought this in hopes to save it, I got it running after cleaning and rebuilding the carb replaced oil battery gas and clamps. Right now the problem I'm having is 1. during the rebuild I couldn't get the air fuel ratio screw out to replace, it will turn but just won't come out for some...
  3. Technical Discussion
    Hi all, During my 1998 vt1100t carb rebuild, I discovered teeny, tiny pieces of what looks like rust on the filter in the carb where the fuel needle pushes up against. I assume its from the tank. I figure I better flush things out so I push vinegar in the tank last nigh. Was just told it may...
  4. Technical Discussion
    Hi guys new shadow owner here. She's a 1998 Shadow Ace VT1100C2 23k miles Bought her in Jan owner mentioned she had an issue and stalled when heated but started right back up. Day I test rode it she started up several times one click and ran fine. Rode her back home 45 miles not a single issue...
  5. Member Introductions
    Just got my 1999 750 ACE running after setting up for 7 years. Rebuilt the carbs, (which was way over my head), changed plugs, did a few other things, and it now runs like a champ. Thankful for all the tips and comments found on this forum.
  6. Technical Discussion
    Just picked up a 1985 Shadow 500, some assembly required. The vacuum petcock on the tank appears to have 3 ports. One I know is fuel out to carburetors, one is vacuum feed from cylinder head, and then there is a third which has no obvious location. Anyone know what this is for and where it...
  7. General Bike Discussion
    I recently acquired a 2003 Shadow ACE. I was noticing that no matter what position I have the petcock in, it runs like normal.. I've read some reports of vacuum actuated petcocks but even if that's the case should the shutoff not... shutoff the fuel? Lol
  8. Technical Discussion
    Hey all, This is my first post here! I’m thankful that a big forum like this exists because I will definitely be having questions about the bike I just got. it’s a Honda shadow vt500 1985 I noticed I was leaking a ton of gas the other day and it looks like one of the hoses from the petcock to...
  9. Technical Discussion
    Hello all, I've been rebuilding a 96 VLX600 after a poor chop job then being left outside for 6 years. I finally got the bike running and moving in a somewhat safe manner then got it back in the garage and found the petcock leaking fuel. The petcock itself is seized so I'm wanting to replace it...
  10. Technical Discussion
    '00' VT600 single carb. If I remove the auto petcock and replace with standard petcock and inline filter and plug the vacum port on the rear cylender will I need to do anything elce? Do I have to plug anything on the carb? Do I need to get the carb recalibrated? Confuzzled ?
  11. Technical Discussion
    Can someone tell me what is the diameter of this fuel tube "A" 16961-MBA -000 ? Can i use some automotive gasoline fuel tube instead of this one ?
  12. Technical Discussion
    Hi guys, new here and need some help please! I recently purchased a 2007 Honda Shadow Spirit 750. Bike runs great and looks great, although about a week ago I noticed a small gas leak from the petcock valve. Didn’t think this was much of an issue so I ordered a new one on amazon. It was $22...
1-12 of 12 Results