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  1. Technical Discussion
    2014 Honda Shadow 750 Phantom So I switched out the original headlight with the aftermarket led which was plug and play. I switched out the turn signals and the break light to leds bulbs aswell, when I turn on the left or right signal they’re fine in the front but both the signals in the back...
  2. Technical Discussion
    I haven't been able to find a good consensus on whether a fuel tuner is needed if installing aftermarket exhaust alone. Has anyone else bought aftermarket exhaust, specifically Cobra slashdowns, and needed a fuel tuner?
  3. Technical Discussion
    Hey guys, I am about to purchase cobra street slashdown pipes and the cobra air cleaner. Do I need the fuel controller? If so, does it have to be the fi2000? I am reading a lot of confusing feedback online.. :/
  4. Technical Discussion
    Has anyone out there replaced the OME Read shocks on a phantom or a vtx750 ? if so can you give me some input , I think the stock shocks measure 12” I am actually looking for more lift ,so I would love a 12,1/2 or 13 “shock , I put a larger rear tire so a pinch of extra clearance and a nicer...
  5. Technical Discussion
    I need help with the Fuel Processor number as I don't understand what is the best setting for my Phantom. I have these mods so far. Cobra FI2000R Fuel Processor at Default Number: 2:5:0 Vance & Hines Shortshots Exhaust Cobra PowrFlow Air Intake I saw others have put 1:4:0. Anyone have any...
1-6 of 6 Results