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  1. Reupholster Seat ?

    General Bike Discussion
    Hi all, so my 85 Shadow project is just about done. I’m looking for any recs for reupholstering the original seat ? The leather is completely cracked and the stitching is falling out, but the foam is still intact for the most part. Suggestions on places to take it to get reupholstered, or maybe...
  2. Acquired a 1999 1100C Spirit a while ago, decided to join these forums.

    Member Introductions
    Hey everyone, decided I'd join this forum after really starting work on updating and customizing my '99 23k mile Shadow 1100 that I rescued from Hayes county about a year ago. It was in some type of way. Busted off footpeg, useless edgy mirrors, and the mufflers seem to have been cut in half and...