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  1. Transmission rebuild

    Technical Discussion
    So I split the case on my '99 VT750CD2 ACE to check the oil pump and do a full deep clean and rebuild on my engine. Only problem is, I didn't mark the original positions of the transmission when I pulled it. The service manual does not specify the gear rotational positions for reassembly, just...
  2. first project help with identifying wiring

    Technical Discussion
    Hi just recently got a project 98 shadow 600 having trouble reading the wiring diagram if anyone knows what wires these are would be helpful !
  3. 1984 VT500c - Non-Running....Need A Little Advice

    Technical Discussion
    Whats up everyone! I'm brand new here and I need some advice with my recent purchase. I picked up a '84 VT500c for $300 and it's.... rough. Unknown miles and no key, no start. I had an idea of what I was getting myself into beforehand and I'm not fussed about the work. I'm planning on...
  4. 86 Shadow 700

    General Bike Discussion
    Did some remodeling on my 86 vt700c over the winter of 2019. It all started when I took it into my friends shop to replace the front for seals. This is what happened next. Carbs rebuilt (torn diaphragms) Tank and fenders powder coated purple Seats reupholstered in a marbled gray and purple...
  5. Carbeurator Help

    Member Introductions
    Hi there, Just started my account as I have purchased 2 1985 honda shadow vt500c's one as a project and the other as a donor. I pulled both carbs off the bikes and I would like to rebuild both of them, however I'm not too sure where to start looking for rebuild kits. I'm looking at cleaning...