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  1. Rejet kit for 2006 honda shadow aero

    Technical Discussion
    Hey all! Sorry if this was asked already but I am planning to get a Vance and Hines short shot exhaust for my 2006 shadow aero and I know I have to rejet. But I've been looking all around without a straight answer for what size jet and pilot jet I should be putting in with that exhaust and stock...
  2. Re-Jet issues

    Technical Discussion
    I have a 03 Shadow ace 750. I have a stock air filter. I tore out the baffles in the exhaust. My carb was leaking gas so I went ahead and did a rebuild and rejet. I went with sigma 6 jets I believe it was 115 Front and 120 Rear. I did mess with the float unfortunately. The bike ran fine for a...
  3. Re jet 2006 aero 750

    Technical Discussion
    Im currently working on my 2006 aero, single carb. It has a k&n air filter in the stock air box and vance and hines exhaust. I havent looked to closely at the carb to see if there has been any tinkering. But i get afterfire/backfire during decel sometimes. So im thinking i should rejet. Ive...
  4. VT1100C Lack of power after rejetting and exhaust

    Technical Discussion
    Hello all! After a long amount of searching throughout the forum I've joined to ask about an issue I am having after changing the jets and exhaust on my 2001 VT1100C Spirit. When the motorcycle was stock I had zero issues with speed and this summer I have completed approx 3000 KM of riding on...