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  1. Technical Discussion
    Hey guys! I have a few questions about replacing the handlebar on a spirit VT750DC. I am about to order the TC.bros 1'' narrow 12'' smooth ape hangers with new risers (see picture below) Can I use my stock cables or I need to buy longer cables ? Do I need to replace the bushings or I can keep...
  2. Technical Discussion
    There are seemingly 100's of posts on it. So, if this gets removed, I understand. I want the handlebars closer to me on my ride and have swallowed the big pill of having to go from T-Bars to risers with a clamp style. I've got those, but before I start tearing down and reinstalling, I know I'm...
  3. Technical Discussion
    Yo. After replacing the handlebars on my shadow I just cant get the bars stuck properly. Nor the risers or bars have groves in them but seeing as my previous ones didn't have them either I feel like I should be fine. (The old ones never moved) Tried some quick methods from the webs such as the...
  4. Technical Discussion
    trying to find 7-10" tbars or risers but only place I've found is zombie performance which comes to $170 for bare steel tbars. I have a 1996 vt600c
  5. Technical Discussion
    Installing Spirit 750 risers on my 04 Sabre VT1100C2. Looking for +4 inches throttle cables. Doing trial fit of cables behind the tree bit rather have longer cables. Found custom suppliers at around $90 each cable, but ran across a comment that Spirit 750 cables will fit the Sabre and...
1-5 of 5 Results