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  1. Honda Sabre Sissybar bracket measurement question

    Technical Discussion
    Google Fu is not working on this one, maybe you guys can give me the quick answer. Looking for a Sissybar for my 05 Sabre 1100 Im seeing listings for all different years of fitment. 1995-2000, 1995-2007, 2000-2007, etc The one I am most interested in says 1995-2000, but i cannot find a...
  2. Shadow Sabre Tune-Up

    Technical Discussion
    I have a 2003 orange Shadow Sabre 1100 with ghost flames that I bought in 2008. She's my fifth bike, an by far, the best bike I've ever owned! (And I loved my Vulcan 750 from the 90s.) Anyway, I know the VERY BASICS regarding motorcycle maintenance, i.e.- changing the oil, checking the...
  3. '06 Sabre Bob Job

    General Bike Discussion
    Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've posted, work has kept me busy and away from riding for most of the past year... After the new-year, I was able to buy a seat kit from Blue Collar Bobbers, and along with a DIY tail light and license plate mount, got it installed on my bike. I plan to...
  4. Goooood Mornin' Peoria AZ!

    Member Introductions
    A call back to the late Robin Williams; we all miss you. Let me introduce myself ... I am Pat. I ride year round in sunny Peoria, AZ. Moved here just for that! Not really but it always sounds good at rallies ... lol. Thumper, as I call her, is a 2001 Honda Shadow Sabre VT1100C2. It was...