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  1. ISO 84 VT500C parts

    Wanted Board
    I'm in search of parts for my 1984 Honda Shadow 500. Let me know if you have anything. Thank you!
  2. OD rides rough

    Technical Discussion
    Hi all, I’m new to the bike scene. Bought a 1985 Honda VT500 a couple of days ago. Everything works great, (for the most part), but today I took it on the highway for the first time and when I shifted into 6th gear it rode SUPER choppy, almost like it was running out of fuel. 5th gear was smooth...
  3. 20200418_120530.jpg


    12 years after my dad died I finally found and own his bike.
  4. 20200418_120511.jpg


    12 years after my dad died I finally found and own his bike.
  5. 1983 Honda shadow 500 no crank HELP

    Technical Discussion
    So I just purchased a 1983 Honda shadow 500 in rough condition, been sitting for years and it shows. I got it home and started to see if i can get it to start or do something. Had no ignition key so I spliced the two wires together and got the lights to come on then I push the start buttons and...
  6. 1983 shadow jetting

    Technical Discussion
    Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum, i'm currently building a cafe racer out of a 1983 shadow. (not the best donor bike for this kind of project... learned it the hard way 😅). I wanna get rid of the ugly stock air intake and exhaust system. This is pretty much the last steps of my build. I have...
  7. VT500c

    Member Introductions
    Good morning! Last spring I bought my first bike which was a CM200T Twinstar. It took a little bit of work before I got it on the road and enjoyed it all summer. I knew that I wanted something bigger and so in the fall found and bought an ‘83 VT500C. The previous owner said it sat for about...
  8. 1983 VT500C aftermarket turn signal wiring HELP!

    Technical Discussion
    I just bought aftermarket turn signals with two wires, black and red. The bike has 3 wires, one blinker, one running lights and one is ground One side on the bike is orange and white the other side is blue. How would I wire this up for blinkers ? I know I have to delete the running lights but I...
  9. Carb Help

    Technical Discussion
    I have an 83 shadow 500 and I recently noticed a vacuum leak on the carb. On the right side of the bike on the carb there is a nipple where a vacuum line would go, there is air coming out of it when I put my finger over it the idle smooths out now I just need to know where that connects to