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  1. New handlebars on my ACE, 'Biltwell Chumps' review and info

    Technical Discussion
    I've been struggling with my ride for a while now. The riding position isn't what I was hoping for when I bought my previously enjoyed 2003 ACE back in 2012 but being a new rider, I wasn't sure what it would take to achieve the desired effect. I feel like I would be happier with a more laid back...
  2. 2003 Shadow American Classic Shaking violently between 30-40 mph

    Technical Discussion
    Hey there, So, this just started happening and got worse within days. Not so much when I accelerate, but super bad when I’m sowing down. It seems that the quicker I slow down the more violent it is. Also sometimes it doesn’t do it. It freaked me out so I’m not riding it. But I’m going to HAVE to...