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  1. Mabuhay from New Mexico!

    Member Introductions
    Mabuhay twist heads! I figure since I’ve been reading through your forums the past couple weeks I may as well sign up and say hi! I just bought a 2009 Shadow 750 in great condition and have been reading through your threads for some ideas of technical problem, mods, and recommendations people...
  2. Shadow LED light assembly

    General Bike Discussion
    I have a 2000 shadow ACE 750 and need a LED headlight assembly to replace what I have from stock. Has anyone had any luck finding something? Could you post a link or give some direction if you’re happy with what you have. Thank you.
  3. My Candy-0. 2006 Shadow Spirit vt750DC

    My Candy-0. 2006 Shadow Spirit vt750DC

    The pics range from the latest updates to the day I brought her home. I have a lowering kit and an LED under the fender rear lighting kit that won't get on until July (working out of town), but I cant wait!!
  4. C2AB7F23-ACCB-4AD0-BDD5-C5765B3CA45D.jpeg


    when i first brought her home. June 2019
  5. Help Buying a Used 2002/3 Shadow 750

    General Bike Discussion
    Hi all not sure if this is the correct forum to post this type of question, just joined so sorry if it is lol. But LSS, I have two Shadow 750s that I’m looking into purchasing real soon (one a 2002 and the other a 2003). My question is, are there any particular problems with these bikes that I...
  6. 07 shadow vt750 front coil dead

    Technical Discussion
    I have an 07 shadow spirit 750 and the front coil has a dead feed wire coming off the computer. I have changed the computer(I have a second working bike to share parts) and that isn't the issue. Have also changed the pulse generator as it was bad and the new one is testing within good specs. I...
  7. [solved] Shadow 750 1999 Battery issues

    Technical Discussion
    Intro : I recently (literally yesterday) got me a Honda Shadow. Bought it a while back, got insurance and waited till the weather became a bit finer to go and pick it up from the garage. Now, before I say anything else, the garage I bought it from did give me a year warranty on the bike, so I'll...
  8. GoPro Fusion 360

    General Bike Discussion
    I bought this Fusion a few months ago but never really figured out how to work it. Did a ride yesterday (after a 3 week layoff for a medical procedure unrelated to motorcycles). Here is the result.