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  1. Technical Discussion
    Hello, I am trying to replace my shift spindle as the owner before me welded the shift linkage back on to the splines and has a lot of play. I purchased a "new" spindle but I was unsure of how in depth this repair is and how to go about it. Does this require the motor to be out of the bike...
  2. Technical Discussion
    Hello all. Just a bit of backstory before my question. My grandfather passed away 3 years ago and my uncle inherited his 04 vt1100. Did not respect it at all. Hes dropped the bike plenty of times and just outright didnt care it seems. Fast forward to present time. I was able to pry it from him...
  3. Technical Discussion
    The shifter shaft on my 1992 VT 600 is bent. Should I try to straighten it by heating it with my torch or bend it cold or is replacing it my best option. The seal is leaking terribly. Other than that I'm not really having any issues with the transmission.
1-3 of 3 Results