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  1. 2002 Honda shadow by 1100 Aero

    Technical Discussion
    I’ve recently been reviving my Honda shadow vt1100. I’ve got her all up and running nice and sweet. However I have developed a fault whereby when the engine is hot downshifting is hard sometimes resulting in stopping at the lights in 2/3 or4th gear. Bit of background: I changed the oil to 20/50...
  2. Will my tire lock up? How forgiving is my bike?

    General Bike Discussion
    I'm on a Honda Shadow VLX 600 4 speed. My buddy has a bigger bike and he locked his tire up shifting down while going too fast. Now I'm worrying MYSELF! I'm a very new rider and so is he and I have a big worry that if I down shift wrong I'll lock my tire and crash. What are the chances of this...