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  1. Technical Discussion
    Hey guys. I was changing the rear shock few days ago, for 285mm one. I used straight jack for lifting the bike so the rear wheel will be left perfectly straight, also put some blocks under the wheel to secure it. However when installing the shorter shock, I have noticed that one side is not...
  2. Technical Discussion
    Hello everyone I have a 2006 Honda Shadow VT750, I recently bought a headlight for it but I cannot seem to get it on AT ALL, the reason is because the fork covers. I'm not familiar with how to get them off and I've looked for brackets for that size but im clueless as to what size my fork tube...
  3. Technical Discussion
    I'm newly in possession of a 2011 Honda RS. The seat height is just a tad too high for my comfort, and I'd like to get it down as much as 2 inches but even a little will help. I'm fully aware that I can still ride it at the stock height but I am looking for ideas of how to bring that down. My...
  4. Technical Discussion
    Good day All, I’ve done some poking around in here and can’t seem to find a relevant post. I bought my wife a 98 1100 ace. My wife is a Shorty and we need to lower the ass end of the bike. The local Honda shops say they do not have access to shorter shocks for the shaft drive, so I’m wondering...
  5. Technical Discussion
    2009 Honda Shadow C2 I've noticed a small amount of oil/Hydraulic fluid, not sure which, near my front tire. It is definitely coming from the front right fork. Any idea what may be going on. I can't find any sign of it anywhere else other than the top part of the fork.
  6. Technical Discussion
    I'm having a real hard time finding aftermarket rear suspension/ shocks for my shadow (2015) I called progressives sales and they don't have a single model that is compatible with the bike. I cant find any aftermarket part websites that have any either. Has anybody has found a brand or shock...
  7. Technical Discussion
    Has anyone replaced their sytock rear shocks with and after market version? What did you select and how did they work?
  8. Technical Discussion
    I am currently buidling a 85 VT750 and just ordered Rebel 250 shocks to lower the bike. Does anybody else have experience doing this or something similar with the Rebel shocks? Thanks.
  9. Technical Discussion
    HI guys, long time lurker, first time poster. Just a few questions. What are my options for lowering the rear? Will the 10" Rebel 250 shocks from any year Rebel work on my 1985 VT750? Are all Shadow shocks interchangeable regardless of year? I'm looking for a 10" shock. I don't want to go with...
1-9 of 9 Results