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  1. Technical Discussion
    I have a 08' Shadow Aero VT750CA(it is still a mystery of what CA means)and would like to know if spark plugs fire on the exhaust stroke and the compression stroke. My Honda Rebel 250 sparks on both strokes. I can't find any info about this anywhere.
  2. Technical Discussion
    If anyone can clearly make out the pics, can you please tell me if it looks like I’m running too lean? I’ve never been great at determining the condition of the spark plugs. Basically I have an ‘04 750 Aero, running straight pipes with no baffle and a velocity stack - fully open air on the...
  3. Technical Discussion
    Hello all. I bought my first bike recently (2008 Honda Shadow Spirit) and have done the preventative maintenance that I feel like should be done when you don’t know the maintenance history of a used cycle. New headlight bulb since high beams weren’t working, new tires, air filter, coolant flush...
  4. Technical Discussion
    Hi, i have a question about spark plug for 2015 vt750. i feel not powerful when bike on high l'm looking for change Spark plug. what's the best chose of Spark plug for 2015 vt750?
1-4 of 4 Results