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  1. 94 VLX seems to be running at half power

    Technical Discussion
    I bought an all original 94 VLX 600 with only 3300 miles so it’s obviously been doing a lot of sitting. It starts and idles fine with no choke on and runs, but seems to be only firing at about half power or less. It doesn’t choke off while running, but there’s serious bogging that requires...
  2. 1985 Honda Shadow 700

    Technical Discussion
    The bike has plenty of spark except one plug after hitting the starter button constantly sparks until I disconnect power. Could it be the coil or the ignitor boxes? Any help would be appreciated this bike has been rocket science.
  3. 1985 vt700 running on one cylinder

    Technical Discussion
    I recently purchased a sorta running vt700. I cleaned the carbs, checked compression and am getting spark on all 4 cylinders. I tried syncing the carbs with a home made manometer and didn’t have very good luck so I know they are out of sync. It runs excellent on the rear cylinder but is not...
  4. No spark?

    Technical Discussion
    I have a 1985 vt500c engine inside a 1983 500 frame because of titling issues and all that fun stuff. Back towards the end of summer I was getting ready to leave work and low and behold my spark plug blew out of its hole. Me getting pissed at my unfortunate luck with these 500’s I left it alone...
  5. 1984 vt700 no spark and will not turn over

    Technical Discussion
    I have a 1984 vt700 that I bought last couple of weeks. It sat outside in the rain and now I do not have spark and it will not turn over. I bought a new starter relay and it didn’t help. If I hook direct power to my relay the bike will turn over just fine. I have checked all fuses and they all...
  6. 1985 Honda shadow vt700 no spark

    Technical Discussion
    Just picked up a 1985 Honda 700 that was running when I got it but you had to manually pulsate the fuel pump to be able to rev it up. I also believe it needs a starter solenoid because the push button doesent work but starter works fine when you jump the relay. I let the bike sit outside for 4...