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  1. 03 spirit speedo and lights stopped working

    Technical Discussion
    I rode to the store and everything was fine, when I left the store the speedo and odometer were not working. After I got home I also noticed the turn signals and running/brake light is not working, the fuses are fine and all are getting juice I am at a loss. Any help would be appreciated. Oh...
  2. Electrical issues on my 2003 Spirit 750

    Technical Discussion
    This is my first post, so hello and thanks for having me here. Got my 2003 Spirit 750 two months ago, my first bike, I'm a new rider. It was in great shape, just needed a new battery. The speedo was not quite accurate, seemed to read 5-10 kms faster than actual speed, but no big deal. The...
  3. VT750 ACE speedometer not working

    Technical Discussion
    Need help on how to determine its speedometer or speed sensor spoiled? It was working fine and out of a sudden on the next day it just doesn't move, the lights indications around it working fine. Even the light for the speedometer turn on when my lights turn on, only the needle and the mileage...
  4. Speedometer questions.. (noob)

    Technical Discussion
    Just got my first bike, '09 750 Spirit (i think). Needed some work, so I got a screaming deal on it, but it doesnt have a Speedo/tach/cowl. In the short-term, i'm using my phone as a GPS speedo, but I need a permanent solution. It looks like anything OEM if gonna cost me a pretty penny, and so...