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  1. Technical Discussion
    Update: Thank you everyone for all the helpful answers. I connected the cables going to the clutch switch and it's the switch that's faulty :) will keep everyone posted on how it goes once I replace the switch. Rookie rider here. I recently posted about not being able to find the neutral on...
  2. Technical Discussion
    Hey, New rider and Shadow (2000 ACE) owner here :) The bike starts with choke on, but shuts off as soon as I touch the throttle (with choke on) - There is no issue when I touch the throttling with the choke is off. Is this normal? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  3. Technical Discussion
    Folks, I can use some help here. My 2007 sat in garage for more than 2 years and when I started to take it out and start, it just wont. So took the carb out, cleaned and filled the tank with fresh gas. Tried to start the bike and it will just crank and wont start. While troubleshooting, I...
1-3 of 3 Results