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starter solenoid

  1. 2001 750 ACE wiring issue after installing new battery.

    Technical Discussion
    so i just purchased the battery box, etank, and antigravity battery from tj brutal. After it was all installed and all the wiring was reconnected i noticed that the wiring that runs into the starter solenoid was not connected and i had forgotten what went where. as of right now i tried two...
  2. 1984 vt700 no spark and will not turn over

    Technical Discussion
    I have a 1984 vt700 that I bought last couple of weeks. It sat outside in the rain and now I do not have spark and it will not turn over. I bought a new starter relay and it didn’t help. If I hook direct power to my relay the bike will turn over just fine. I have checked all fuses and they all...
  3. 89 Shadow VT1100C Starter Relay Wiring

    Technical Discussion
    Guys, need some help please. I am no guru when it comes to wiring. Hate it with a passion. I’m working on my 89 shadow vt1100c. Bought it cheap to fix up and chop. She will not start, so I’m going through all of the wiring. Compression is good, carbs are cleaned, battery is good, etc. The wiring...