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  1. Starts With Solenoid Bridge, 1 Click Lights Out w/ Starter Switch

    Technical Discussion
    1993 Honda Shadow VT1100C - stock with these mods: drag pipes, all LED lights and turns /with hyper flash diodes, electronic turn signal blinker switch, light bar on separate electrical wiring harness, sound system, phone charger (last 3 disconnected for below testing). On 3rd battery. Battery...
  2. Electrical issues on my 2003 Spirit 750

    Technical Discussion
    This is my first post, so hello and thanks for having me here. Got my 2003 Spirit 750 two months ago, my first bike, I'm a new rider. It was in great shape, just needed a new battery. The speedo was not quite accurate, seemed to read 5-10 kms faster than actual speed, but no big deal. The...
  3. Bike will not start, Will not turn over, no head light.

    Technical Discussion
    Good afternoon. I have a 2006 Honda Shadow Aero, I was out riding when I stopped for a few minutes. I tried to start the bike, It would not turn over. No clicking noise. Also the head light would not work. I checked all the fuses, they look good. Tail light, signal lights, neutral light lite up...
  4. Starter compatable??

    Technical Discussion
    I have vt750- blown starter. Anyone know if i can use one fro vt500? Thx
  5. Starting problem Honda VT800

    Technical Discussion
    Hello all first post having some problems with my ‘88 VT800 Shadow, was running just fine 2days ago did oil and coolant ran fine for a while after that, took off carbs and tank for dent repair and cleaning yesterday put them back on today after no adjustments or anything like that, turned over...
  6. Shadow 750 won’t turn over

    Technical Discussion
    So I’ve surfed the forums plenty to no avail. 2003 shadow 750. Had a sticky throttle so I adjusted and lubed cables. Now she won’t start. No click nothing headlight goes out like normal. Cleaned kill switch and start button. Battery is good (connections tight and clean). Fuses are good...