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  1. 86 VT500C no spark situation help needed

    Technical Discussion
    Hi everyone, long time lurker. I have a problem with my bike. It sat outside for around 15 years and currently has no spark. I mean none, on either cylinder. Ignition coils test good and I swapped one just in case. Replaced the spark plugs on all 4 cylinders. Replaced the cdi with an ignitech...
  2. Carb Differences?

    Technical Discussion
    I’m looking to replace the accelerator pump on my 2003 Honda Shadow VLX 600 if you are familiar with the part it’s also referred to as the “Diaphragm Pump.” My question is, are there any differences in the Carburetors on the VLX 600 and the 750 as far as the actual accelerator pump? I have a...
  3. Big problem - Crank case damage

    Technical Discussion
    Hey all. Been working on a full rebuild on my 1999 honda shadow vt750cd2, and the worst happened. I wasn't paying enough attention to the diagrams in the service manual and installed the shift fork shaft in backwards like a dingus and, well... The pictures pretty much tell it all. So. Question...
  4. Honing Beginner. Got any tips or tricks?

    Technical Discussion
    I'm doing a rebuild on my 1999 VT750CD2, and I've just gotten into the cylinder to swap out the rings. While there's a mild crosshatch pattern still evident, there's also a tiny groove I can barely catch my fingernail on, and from what I've read, I should hone them before putting in new rings...