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  1. Technical Discussion
    Hey everyone, I recently picked up a 2006 Shadow Sabre 1100. It starts easy and idles great but if you try and give it more than a little bit of throttle it cuts out and starts to die. I can get it to rev pretty high if I just barely hold the throttle open but then if you crack it it just dies...
  2. Technical Discussion
    Currently I've got 3/8 fuel lines from tank to pump, and pump to brass T. Then it turns into a 1/4 sized fuel line. I've had some problems with what feels like fuel delivery when I open up full throttle. I'm wondering if switching the line from pump to brass T to a 1/4 instead of 3/8 would...
  3. Technical Discussion
    solved Link posted below by CSRoad provides everything I need to know about carb tuning, and more. Thank you! #For refference of others, 85' VT500C is in the high RPM category. Hey everyone, This is my first post on this site, so I'll give a little back story and specs after the issue...
  4. Technical Discussion
    So i changed my handlebars for drag bars i removed the throttle drum tu loosened the cables (dumb idea) now my throttle drum is hard to turn (directly on the carb) does anyone had this issue? I tought i might have bent the shaft but want some toughts before taking it of again. I should've...
  5. Technical Discussion
    So I took off my carb too clean it. The bike had sat for about a year or two. And my throttle now won’t move at all. It’s not moving forward or backward. Push or pull. I checked the cables. They work when not attached to the bracket they go in. I’m lost any one know what I could do??
  6. Technical Discussion
    Hey all! First bike, first post. Got a 2006 Honda Shadow VT750DC (dual carb), 5700 miles. I cant get the bike to run. Symptoms: It will start on full choke but then die out after 30 seconds or so, if I set it to ½ choke after 30 seconds it will run an additional 10-15 seconds then die. It...
1-6 of 6 Results