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  1. Technical Discussion
    Hi, Today I noticed I can't rev the throttle ( sleeve locks?) when the wheel is all the way to the right. Is that normal or a safety feature? I can rev with the wheel all the way to the left no problem.
  2. Technical Discussion
    So I switched over to a single cable setup on my Bobbed vt1100. The throttle snaps back fine but for some reason the cam on the carb won't return all the way down to the idle set screw. I've tried making several adjustments to the cable on the top and bottom end but it still stops about an 1/8th...
  3. Technical Discussion
    So i changed my handlebars for drag bars i removed the throttle drum tu loosened the cables (dumb idea) now my throttle drum is hard to turn (directly on the carb) does anyone had this issue? I tought i might have bent the shaft but want some toughts before taking it of again. I should've...
1-3 of 3 Results