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  1. Technical Discussion
    Hello! I couldn't quite find an answer anywhere, so I deiced it's time to ask myself.While it looks like they should work, I am looking at getting a VT500 wheel to put on my VT700. I just don't like the few tire options I get with a 140/90/15 wheel, and want to change that to 140/90/16 which...
  2. Technical Discussion
    Hi, can anyone help me to figure out which tire sizes fit my bike? The size of the rear rim is pretty uncommon here in Denmark so the selection of rubber is pretty limited. And I would like to fit a somehow classic/enduro like tire, but I can’t figure out the sizes. right now there is a...
  3. Technical Discussion
    Hello again , Still working the 83 shadow bobber project. Rode it all summer and I’m in love. Now Making more improvements, brakes, clutch etc... My question today is I have a stock front 19 rim and if I measured correctly it’s 3” wide, so can I put a 90/90-19 tire on said rim? Will it mount? It...
  4. Technical Discussion
    Did anyone fit a car tire in their spirit? I am really interested to know the fitment sizes you used and how was your experience?
1-4 of 4 Results