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  1. Technical Discussion
    I'm thinking about installing an after-market full exhaust on my 2011 Aero VT750C. First off, I can find very limited options for this bike: 2011 Honda Shadow Aero VT750C Exhaust | And there's nothing for slip-ons. What am I missing? Secondly, I've heard that one may need to...
  2. Technical Discussion
    So I just ripped my dual carb out of my 93 VLX 600 and I’m a little worried if I’ll even be able to get it back it in but before that I’m gonna take it apart and rebuild it. It’s my first time doing this on any bike or any carburetor ever so I’m pretty green unfortunately, but I’m asking to see...
  3. Technical Discussion
    Hey guys so i just ordered a kit of pod filters from MotorPsychoL j's he is sending 125/42 jets to go with them since i have 50/50 cobra drag pipes with no baffles so pretty much straight pipe. Do you think these will work? Or wich one do you think will work best
  4. Technical Discussion
    Hey guys, new here. I just finished some carb work. Bike had a pilot jet hesitation from closed throttle. That issue is now resolved however, now when I open it to mid to wot it takes about ten full seconds to come back to idle. What should I check ? Thanks for the help
  5. Technical Discussion
    Hello everyone! I didn't want to un-necro an old post i had from months and months ago, life got in the way and I couldnt work on the bike anymore. Quick background. I bought an '03 ACE (21k miles) with gummed up carbs from an older gentleman who rode for a while then let the bike sit for 3...
1-5 of 5 Results