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turn signal relay

  1. 1994 VLX600 turn relay

    Technical Discussion
    Hi all, Was going to get led rear indicators installed after mounting saddlebags and took the old turn relay out and into the house, and lost it (the missus most likely chucked it). Decided against going for leds to keep with the aesthetic but need to replace the relay, i cant remember if it...
  2. '93 Honda 600 VLX Turn Signal LED Conversion

    Technical Discussion
    Hey y'all! So we seem to be all too familiar with LED conversion/turn signal problems. I've got one that seems to be different. I've converted all 4 turn signals to LED. After the classic "all four flash" and then "none of them flash" problem, I ended up taking the turn indicator bulb out of...
  3. Wire diagram vt1100 1985-1986 - updated version?

    Technical Discussion
    Hi everyone, Has anyone in here ever updated this old diagram with more intuitive images and more user friendly connection indications? I’m trying to figure out how to wire up my new ignition switch, turn signal relay (digital) and my new momentary buttons. And it’s a pain in the b... to...
  4. Turn signal relay beeping?

    Technical Discussion
    Hi I have a 2003 VT750. It was stripped and restored this winter. After reconnecting the battery, I noticed that when I turn on a turn signal, something around the turn signal relay makes a beeping and all four turns signals flash, one side is brighter than the other. Any ideas? Thanks!!