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  1. Technical Discussion
    I just finished rebuilding and installing my dual carb on my 1993 VLX 600, thing is the hoses that previously attached to the plastic joint set on the sides are gone as I took out the air cleaner, is it okay to leave these just open or do I plug it with something? Not really sure what to do I...
  2. Technical Discussion
    So I bought a vt750 honda shadow with the duel carbs and the guy before me installed velocity stacks and rejetted, well it sputtered when I gave it lots of throttle, anywhere for about half to wide open so I bought a rejett kit and when I opened the carb i discovered he had 1 main jet at 145 and...
  3. Technical Discussion
    Sorry if this is a repost I have velocity stacks installed on my 07 shadow vt750dc it's a dual carb and I have this problem where it gets starved for air whenever I give it lots of throttle, if I go easy on it its fine amd it revs fine at idle, what can I do to fix this.
  4. Technical Discussion
    So I have a 07 honda shadow vt750dc, it has velocity stacks installed and I was wondering if there was a cover that I could buy to cover the carbs, only thing I can find is for covers that go over the stock air box but since it has the velocity stacks that has been delete.
1-4 of 4 Results