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  1. Technical Discussion
    As you can see, the cable is curved and bowed out quite a bit. This is because the bars are not stock (drag bars I inherited) and there is extra slack. Problem is when I turn bars full right, the cable kinks more and pulls on the clutch and engages it a bit. Any ideas for rerouting it so it...
  2. Technical Discussion
    Hey all - I've noticed that when I turn my handlebars to the right, the clutch cable gets a little engaged. Must be kinked or pulling somewhere. So I took the side cover off and took a little video. I put it up on a shared link. Feel free to check it out. Wondering if the cable is too long or...
  3. Technical Discussion
    Sup. I was replacing front lights on my 06 vlx 600, so I had my steering covers off. After putting the covers back on (I did my best to route the cables in the steering covers the exact same way) I noticed that the clutch cable pulls a little bit when turning the handlebars back and forth...
  4. Technical Discussion
    Hey all. I know there have been a bunch of posts about changing a rear sprocket. I have an 06 600 vlx. I'm eventually going to change rear from 44 stock to 41. My question is...should I change clutch springs too? Have people who've done the sprocket change changed the clutch springs? Thanks
  5. Truckertwotimes VLX CD 600 Deluxe

    Honda Shadow VLX CD 600 Deluxe
  6. General Bike Discussion
    Are there any modern options? Ive scoured the internet, and have searched this form and all I've found are dead links and protec is no longer making them 😔. Anyone know of anything or will I need to make my own?
  7. Technical Discussion
    So i've taken the carb off of a 2004 vlx 600 and am putting it on a 2000 vlx 600. The carb has three wires connected thats for a throttle location sensor i believe. The 2004 has a connector for such a thing but the 2000 does not. So my question is what do i do with this thing? Thanx in advance.
  8. General Bike Discussion
    Hello I’m new to this site, I’ve recently purchased a 2006 Honda vlx 600. So far I absolutely love the bike. However, I do not love the 18” ape hangers that came with the bike. I’d prefer some 8” mini apes on the bike and to do that I’m like 98% certain that all my cables (clutch, throttle...
  9. Technical Discussion
    Hi all! I recently picked up a 2007 Shadow vt600 (VLX) as my first bike. Been riding for couple months now and was beginning to look at speakers to add to it. After reading some reviews the BOSS MCBK420B set looked fairly attractive. My main concern is though would my battery/alternator be...
  10. General Bike Discussion
    Well guys I’ve had the bobber for 9 months so far... I’ve done a lot of riding with it so far! Taken a few trips to garden of the gods here in Colorado, no pictures of it there..Yet! But soon, my question is what is everyone’s thoughts on the swing arm saddle bags? And if anyone has any...
  11. Technical Discussion
    So I have my dual carb back in my 93 VLX 600 but there’s one stupid little hose I’m not sure where it goes, it’s very skinny and there’s an almost identical one on the other side of the carb I took a picture of while disassembling, but forgot to take a pic of this side, I vaguely remember...
  12. Technical Discussion
    Hey so I have absolutely zero prior motorcycle or automobile experience, total newbie, and I recently bought a 1993 VLX VT600 and I thought my idle was to low because it would barely stay on while idling at stop lights etc, and even in first gear the bike wouldn’t roll if u started to let off...
  13. Technical Discussion
    Trying to find an over-the-fender luggage rack for my 2007 VLX 600 with the passenger seat removed. Would be good if it would bolt right on to the passenger seat mounting threads. Probably going to have to have a metal shop fabricate it. Has anyone found something that works, or had one made?
1-20 of 20 Results