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  1. Technical Discussion
    Hi folks - It's a specific request, but I'm wondering if anyone has access to/can tell me what the stock wire length is for the stock brake/taillight assembly? Would like to know the length of the wire that came stock with it (from the base to the connector). Thank you!
  2. Technical Discussion
    Sup. I'm going to get the back off brake light mod, but also have been reading about headlight modulators. I've read about comagination and kisan. Can anyone point me to the right model for a 600 vlx or one they have that works well? There are different models for each. Thanks!
  3. Technical Discussion
    So I’ve had this bike for about 5 months and only got to ride it for about 2 of those months unfortunately. Somebody hit it while it was parked and ever since then the front exhaust would start to sputter and die out after awhile. Not knowing much about bikes I ordered a new exhaust system in...
  4. Member Introductions
    Hi All, I'm 20 and love all things motorcycles. For my first bike I have decided to get a Shadow 600. Being in the UK there are a few restrictions on the size/power of bikes you can get and luckily the Honda Shadow 600 just fits into the category of licence I am elegible for. Im hoping to...
1-4 of 4 Results