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  1. 2001 shadow carb problem

    Technical Discussion
    Hello everyone! So I have a 2001 shadow vlx 600, which has a single carb. While running at idle it seems to be too rich in the carb, overflowing with fuel and spilling out of the vent tube on the side behind the air box. I understand this is probably a float height issue, however the float...
  2. 94 VLX seems to be running at half power

    Technical Discussion
    I bought an all original 94 VLX 600 with only 3300 miles so it’s obviously been doing a lot of sitting. It starts and idles fine with no choke on and runs, but seems to be only firing at about half power or less. It doesn’t choke off while running, but there’s serious bogging that requires...
  3. 1994 VLX600 turn relay

    Technical Discussion
    Hi all, Was going to get led rear indicators installed after mounting saddlebags and took the old turn relay out and into the house, and lost it (the missus most likely chucked it). Decided against going for leds to keep with the aesthetic but need to replace the relay, i cant remember if it...
  4. 8inch z bars 07 VLX 600 Shadow

    Technical Discussion
    I was wondering to put 8 inch z bars would I need extensions? And if anyone has changed their handle bars any tips. I don’t know what I’m doing. Tbh just a couple YouTube vida but nothing about Honda 600vlx 07 handlebar changes. Any helpful tips would be great. If I need extensions I’m prob not...
  5. 2002 Honda shadow 600 vlx

    Technical Discussion
    Hey guys , new to this forum.. I’m having trouble getting my shadow to run at 100% , I installed a new air intake (aftermarket) and rejjeted the carb/ rebuilt it and when I’m at high speeds my bike cuts off like around 80 mph , anybody have idea where to start ?
  6. Bogging after 1/4 throttle - New Dyno Needle - shadow 600 88'

    Technical Discussion
    Hoping to get a little help with either the needle or main jet. 1988 Honda shadow 600 - dual carb Velocity stacks and short open pipes. Before the Dyno needle: pilot 42, main 145, the Stock needle with 2 shims/washers. screws 2.5 turns. It was running pretty rich. but would run fine...
  7. 2002 VLX600 bogs or stalls at low RPM under load, except after a highway run, when it seems ok for a bit

    Technical Discussion
    We recently picked up a 2002 VLX600 (our second Shadow, I rode an '84 VT500C for many years) and I'd love a second opinion on some behavior it's showing: It runs fine on even a small amount of choke, and once warm, will idle and rev fine in neutral with no choke at all. But as soon as you...
  8. Rear indicator relocation 94 vlx600

    Technical Discussion
    Hi all, Just installed saddlebags and had to remove rear indicators, looking for where to put them now. Figured easiest way would be to get a new license plate holder with mounts for indicators and mount bullet turn signals there but lost for which part would fit (based in europe). Any help...
  9. ISO 1999 VLX 600 owners manual

    Wanted Board
    Hello all, Im brand new to riding and I’m trying to find the owners manual for my brand new bike I got on 4-29-20. I would love to get my hands on the owners manual that breaks down the basics of the bike specifically for the one I have and I’m having such a hard time finding one for that...
  10. Help Diagnosing Oil Leak

    Technical Discussion
    Hello everyone, Brand new to this community so I thought maybe someone out there could lend me some expertise. I own a 2000 Honda VLX600CD, and A couple days ago I noticed oil around this section of my motor. I cleaned it up and then again today 3 days later I see the oil is back. I can’t for...