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  1. 1989 Shadow VT1100C (Salvage Title) - for sale / parts

    Body Parts and Seats For Sale
    I have a 1989 VT1100 that was in an accident. The tank is smashed up, the handlebars are bent, the tail light is busted, the rear fender is scratched up a bit and some smaller issues. Looking to sale the bike or piece part it out. If you are looking for a part, or would like a project bike send...
  2. Whitetail Deer Were Moving This Afternoon

    General Bike Discussion
    I took the bike out as soon as I got home from work today. Been looking forward to it all week. Had other things I had to do in the evening all week, but it's been gorgeous all week here, north of St. Louis (Troy area), all week, and I was chomping at the bit. So I jumped on the bike and hit...
  3. 20200722_150234_HDR.jpg


  4. Pulse generators old 80s vt models

    Technical Discussion
    Alright guys I’m new here but I have felt very compelled to be here to talk about these burdens on the community... i own a 1986 Honda shadow spirit vt1100 and it is the second in the shadow Vt line I’ve owned the the first one was a 1985 vt700c and they are mechanically almost the same with...
  5. VT1100 - 1987 - Misfire on one cylinder

    Technical Discussion
    Hi everyone, Sorry in advance if i make grammatical mistakes, English isn't my main language. And thanks for the time you will put into my problem As the title say, i've found a VT1100 as a barn find with official paper and such. The previous owner stated that the motorcycle was running when...
  6. Won't start - headlight dims when start button is pressed... '94 VT1100

    Technical Discussion
    Greetings! New member - been riding for years, my other bikes are a 75 cb750 SOHC cafe, and a 78 cb750 supersport, drop-seat rigid chopper. So I picked up a 94 vt1100 that had some previous electrical gremlins from the po - however we got it sorted pretty quick, turned out to be a short in the...
  7. 1997 VT1100 Cylinder Head Covers Installation

    Technical Discussion
    Hey all, I'm working on installing the head covers on my '97 VT1100 and I'm looking for some clarification on something in the shop manual. The manual says that, after installing the cylinder head covers, you need to "check that the slots in the exhaust and intake rocker arm shafts are within...
  8. Missing parts 1988 shadow vt1100 maroon color.

    Wanted Board
    Here’s what I’m missing so if anyone has extra that I can buy great! The side cover for the reserve fuel tank which I think I need a new one because it looks like someone drilled a hole through the bottom of mine Both motor side covers The fuel tank The rear seat The keys.....yes seriously. The...
  9. Seized Throttle on 1996 VT1100

    Technical Discussion
    So I bought a project VT1100 to tinker with and this is what ive got. The throttle grip will not move when the cables are fully connected. it moves freely when I remove the cables and the cables move freely when removed from grip and carb. Where the cables connect to the carb is where it is...
  10. 1986 VT1100 Wont Start *SOLVED*

    Technical Discussion
    My bike wont start, so I'm looking to the forum for help from people who have more experience and knowledge than myself. Situation: I just bought this bike and it had not been ridden for a while. At first, it started and ran smooth for about the first 75 miles over a few days. One day, it cut...
  11. Goooood Mornin' Peoria AZ!

    Member Introductions
    A call back to the late Robin Williams; we all miss you. Let me introduce myself ... I am Pat. I ride year round in sunny Peoria, AZ. Moved here just for that! Not really but it always sounds good at rallies ... lol. Thumper, as I call her, is a 2001 Honda Shadow Sabre VT1100C2. It was...
  12. Fluid Leak

    Technical Discussion
    I have a 1986 VT1100 that had been sitting for the last 3 months or so. When I started it up recently I couldn’t get it to start, replaced fuel pump, problem solved. Then last week I noticed all of my fuel dripping out the breather hose. Figured it was a stuck float, pulled the carbs off cleaned...
  13. 1986 Shadow Engine Swap

    Technical Discussion
    Good morning everyone, I have a 1986 VT1100 that has about 36k miles on it. Was running beautifully when I bought it last year and now is starting to have some issues. It had sit for a while and needed a good carb cleaning and a fuel pump before it would run again. I now have it running but it...
  14. 1986 vt1100

    1986 vt1100

    This is my new ride it needs a little work but I'll have it done soon
  15. New member from Denmark

    Member Introductions
    Hi Just tuned in, actually after selling my 700 Shadow - looking to upgrade to an 1100. Checking out a '89 model later this week. I guess i'll start with a question that's bugging me: Is the 3rd gear problem only an issue on the 5-speed transmissions(1985-1986)? Are there any other known issues...