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  1. 86 Honda shadow Vt500c hesitation

    Technical Discussion
    I've looked over past threads and would like some additional input to my problem. I bought an 86 shadow 500 with 4k miles a few weeks ago it ran seemingly OK on the test drive but has a slight hesitation when I would get on the throttle wide open unfortunately I noticed after I got it. I...
  2. 86 Vt 500c electrical problems

    Technical Discussion
    I have a 1986 shadow vt500c, just finished rebuilding carbs and synchronizing them and bike was running perfectly the whole time I was working on it, once finished I shut the bike off and re installed the air breather tube and fuel tank. I then when to start the bike and nothing, the lights...
  3. ISO 84 VT500C parts

    Wanted Board
    I'm in search of parts for my 1984 Honda Shadow 500. Let me know if you have anything. Thank you!
  4. Slow Fuel Leak

    Technical Discussion
    Hi again, So I put in a new starter motor, new spark plugs and changed the oil on my 85 VT500, and now I noticed a slow drip coming from my carbs dripping onto my crank case. Not sure what it’s from though, as it is such a slow leak. She runs great now aside from that, but just looking for...
  5. Restore 1985 VT500c

    Technical Discussion
    Hey all ! Last week I posted asking about my rough OD, and am still working on fixing that. I bought some B12, new oil filter/oil, spark plugs, and she also needs some more brake fluid. As a relatively experienced car guy, I’m new to bikes (she’s my first) and was wondering what other...
  6. 86 VT500C no spark situation help needed

    Technical Discussion
    Hi everyone, long time lurker. I have a problem with my bike. It sat outside for around 15 years and currently has no spark. I mean none, on either cylinder. Ignition coils test good and I swapped one just in case. Replaced the spark plugs on all 4 cylinders. Replaced the cdi with an ignitech...
  7. 1983 shadow jetting

    Technical Discussion
    Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum, i'm currently building a cafe racer out of a 1983 shadow. (not the best donor bike for this kind of project... learned it the hard way 😅). I wanna get rid of the ugly stock air intake and exhaust system. This is pretty much the last steps of my build. I have...
  8. No spark?

    Technical Discussion
    I have a 1985 vt500c engine inside a 1983 500 frame because of titling issues and all that fun stuff. Back towards the end of summer I was getting ready to leave work and low and behold my spark plug blew out of its hole. Me getting pissed at my unfortunate luck with these 500’s I left it alone...
  9. LED Light Conversion on 1985 VT500c

    Technical Discussion
    I installed new LED turn signals in front and intergrated Turn/Brake/Tail in rear. I used this new LED FLasher relay Honda LED Flasher Relay ELFR-1 *FAST BLINKER FIX* Plug and Play CBR 600RR 1000RR | eBay to replace foctory relay. All works except brake light and, of course, the indicator...
  10. VT500c

    Member Introductions
    Good morning! Last spring I bought my first bike which was a CM200T Twinstar. It took a little bit of work before I got it on the road and enjoyed it all summer. I knew that I wanted something bigger and so in the fall found and bought an ‘83 VT500C. The previous owner said it sat for about...
  11. I'm looking for an engine rebuild kit.... HELP!!

    Technical Discussion
    What's up guys, I bought a 1984 Honda VT500c for $350 a week ago, motor was seized, which I knew when I bought it. My plans for the bike is too rebuild the the top and bottom end and make the bike into a a bobber. The problem I'm having is find a rebuild kit for the bike. There are plenty of...
  12. Removing fuse box from 1985 shadow vt500

    Technical Discussion
    Hey Forum, I recently started a project 1985 vt500, i'm planning to restore it and after that I will most likely start chopping away at it. Thing is, the fuse box itself on this bike is this ugly looking box right in the middle of the handlebars. I was wondering if it would be possible to...
  13. Carbeurator Help

    Member Introductions
    Hi there, Just started my account as I have purchased 2 1985 honda shadow vt500c's one as a project and the other as a donor. I pulled both carbs off the bikes and I would like to rebuild both of them, however I'm not too sure where to start looking for rebuild kits. I'm looking at cleaning...
  14. 1983 VT500C aftermarket turn signal wiring HELP!

    Technical Discussion
    I just bought aftermarket turn signals with two wires, black and red. The bike has 3 wires, one blinker, one running lights and one is ground One side on the bike is orange and white the other side is blue. How would I wire this up for blinkers ? I know I have to delete the running lights but I...
  15. VT500C issues

    Technical Discussion
    Recent carb clean all that. When bike is hot it has a hard time starting also when it’s warmed up and I rev it, it wants to die out. Any ideas what maybe causing it?
  16. 1983 vt500c carb

    Technical Discussion
    Can someone post a close up picture of carbs while on the right side of the bike please
  17. Vacuum/carb help please

    Technical Discussion
    Pic found online but can anyone PLEASE tell me what this vacuum port hooks up to on 83 shadow vt500c I can’t figure it out and it’s pushing air I don’t have a hose that would connect to it anywhere in sight
  18. Carb Help

    Technical Discussion
    I have an 83 shadow 500 and I recently noticed a vacuum leak on the carb. On the right side of the bike on the carb there is a nipple where a vacuum line would go, there is air coming out of it when I put my finger over it the idle smooths out now I just need to know where that connects to