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  1. Strange Blinking?

    Technical Discussion
    I hope somebody can help me figure out what I've done wrong... I have a 2006 VLX 600. I replaced all 4 flashers on my bike with LEDs. I was getting hyper flashing, so I installed "Electronic LED Flasher Relay for LED Blinkers on Motorcycles - ELFR-1". I was also getting the 4-way flasher, so...
  2. 2001 Honda Shadow VT600c / VLX Questions

    Technical Discussion
    I would like to use this thread as a discussion for maintenance on the Honda Shadow VT600c. I own an '01 and I got it for cheap, I have done a lot of work on it and it still needs a lot more. I would like this to remain professional and no smart A answers/ replies. Two big questions I have is...