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  1. VT750 ACE speedometer not working

    Technical Discussion
    Need help on how to determine its speedometer or speed sensor spoiled? It was working fine and out of a sudden on the next day it just doesn't move, the lights indications around it working fine. Even the light for the speedometer turn on when my lights turn on, only the needle and the mileage...
  2. Honda Shadow VT750 C2 Spirit - Rear shocks dimensions?

    Technical Discussion
    Hey all. Im looking to swap out my rear shocks for some lower ones. But I can't seem to find the dimensions of the bushings and such. I know the the bushings on the buttom is not the same diameter. I do not have my bike to measure it right now, as it is in winter storage here in Denmark. What...
  3. Who's using Rebel 250 rear shocks to lower their Shadows?

    Technical Discussion
    I am currently buidling a 85 VT750 and just ordered Rebel 250 shocks to lower the bike. Does anybody else have experience doing this or something similar with the Rebel shocks? Thanks.
  4. (Help!) Shocks for 1985 VT750 build

    Technical Discussion
    HI guys, long time lurker, first time poster. Just a few questions. What are my options for lowering the rear? Will the 10" Rebel 250 shocks from any year Rebel work on my 1985 VT750? Are all Shadow shocks interchangeable regardless of year? I'm looking for a 10" shock. I don't want to go with...