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  1. 07 Honda Spirit VT750DC V&H Straightshots questions

    Technical Discussion
    I recently acquired a 2007 Spirit VT750DC, and want to upgrade the exhaust. My dad (Previous owner) told me I'd have to rejet the carb to install pipes, which I don't mind doing but I'm curious as to if I actually have to, and if I do (or don't and it's just recommended) as to what jet kit I...
  2. Help Buying a Used 2002/3 Shadow 750

    General Bike Discussion
    Hi all not sure if this is the correct forum to post this type of question, just joined so sorry if it is lol. But LSS, I have two Shadow 750s that I’m looking into purchasing real soon (one a 2002 and the other a 2003). My question is, are there any particular problems with these bikes that I...