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Not a quick or low dollar build.
My bike the day I got it

My bike the way it sits today 4/30/15

I have been wanting to start a build thread for a long time but kept putting it off, not any more. I have done a lot of work to this bike over the 3 years I have owned her. I bought her heavily modified from a dealership. (All bolt on non-performance mods). I hope getting feed back will get me off my butt to finish what I need to do.

List of mods done by PO still on bike
Memphis shades windshield with quick release bracket
Cobra risers and unknown bars
Crash bar also unknown brand
Extra padding added to the seat and recovered

Parts she had on but are no longer on the bike (sold and gifted away)
Tour master throw over bags
Cobra saddle bag supports
Cobra sissy bar and sissy bar luggage rack

Things I have done to the bike
Hard Khrome pipes
Snorkel removed
Dyno jet stage two kit
Clear turn signal covers up front/led
Red turn signal covers in rear/led
Removed license plate bracket and light replaced with led frame
5k hid head light.
Lowered 1.5 inches in the rear
Show chrome solo rider luggage rack
Red leds under the gas tank
Braded steel brake line

Mods waiting to go on the bike at my house and too lazy to install.
Hypercharger (will need to go re-dyno tune)
Viking bags
Easy brackets (quick remove saddle bag brackets)
TJ brutal customs single throttle cable housing
Grip Ace hidden switch system
Hoping to have all this done in the next few weeks. Hypercharger will be some day lol

List of mods I want to do
Repaint hard to explain but 2 tone red and black
Clean up and have frame powder coated
Get seat re-covered small 1/8 inch rip in side (I know it will only spread) Already got a quote just need to get off my butt.
Braded steel clutch line
Braded steel throttle line

Mods I may do still thinking
Quick release bat wing with stereo
Lower rear to 2.5 inches
Swing wing pegs

Lots more pics to come.

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I still have yet to do more than put miles on her but I have taken some pics of stuff going on "soon".

One small thing I did do was install the bolt ends for the quick release brackets.

going to need to remove the stock turns replace them with something smaller.

grip ace not wanting to wire it in yet lol

and its not just parts I have yet to install patches also.

I also need to do a deep cleaning and look for my patches or just order up some new ones

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Well today I did more than just ride her.

I know I need to get on the ball with installing the grip ace so I started one of the supporting mods. I started to install the single throttle housing and throttle tube. I was hoping I could just reuse the stock one but no luck it does not fit/ it binds up. So I removed the grip from the tube washed it all up and installed it with the glue from the grip ace kit.

I am now letting it dry, tomorrow I will file off the nub from the old switch housing and reinstall it next to the single throttle for now. I can’t remove it from operation tell I hook up the grip ace.

I also snapped a few pics of my newly recovered seat.

You can tell if you look closely but I had the guy do the thread in dark red to match the bike. Does not pop as well as I was hoping but overall the seat looks nice.

I also ordered up some new rear turn signals super small super cheap, whatever works for now so I can put my bags on for trips and when I need them. I will order better ones when I know what clearance I need and how often I will be removing my bags. Thinking of installing some flush mount leds in the back of the bags.

My new set of patches also came in, now I'm thinking of the best way to gift a few away.

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$400 for some custom switches? Screw that! Let us know how much fun it is to get it to work with the Honda push off switch...

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I got a spare wiring harness to chop and cut for the grip ace so I can still ride. I also got a Go Cruise cruise control I will do a short review on it in a few weeks PDM on the forum has one and loves it I got the up graded aluminum one.

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See that's one of the joys of the Grip Ace it has a built in auto off. It has an adjustable timer that gets signal from the brake/brake light switch you can program it to turn it off after you let off the brake at a red light or turn.

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Looks good. I like the stitching in the seat, someone who looks close will notice that and I think that's better than something that sticks out from 20 feet away. More subtle.

Post some more as you finish up.

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Due to some stuff getting switched around it looks like this weekend might be a good weekend to work on the bike. Fellow forum member PDM also has a list of things he wants to get done on his M109R. So we will give each other a hand. His shop is better than my outside so I need a way to take my “stuff” grip ace 2nd harness and a few other things to his shop 40 miles away.
So no better time to start installing my bags and rear turn signals. Here is a few pics of the mock up of the bags and instillation of the lights.

yes they are extremely small but they work now that I have the bags on I will start looking for my new permanent rear turn signals.

Don't mind the duck tape it was just for placement and test fit.

I also got a new comfort item in the mail the other day. With all the free way and grid riding I do this will come in handy.

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Well this weekend we started the wiring of the grip ace we ran out of time and still have a few hrs. of work left to do on her. Everything is wired up except the turn signal relay and running new wires to front brake light switch. We will also need to re-wrap and loom the new harness. I also fixed a lot of small things along the way like relocating the helmet lock.
The bars the way she looked stock.

Loom undone and starting to intergrade the grip ace harness.

A quick look at the bars I will post more pics once the bike is back together.

I will do a pick heavy post once the bikes back together.

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Just finished up the grip ace install, thanks to PDM it went like clockwork. The only problem we ran in to the whole time was an incorrectly wired turn signal flasher. Apparently G is not short for ground. We did a more extensive job than most people would. Ripping a stock harness apart removing any crap no longer needed and integrated the grip ace as well as making the harness plug and play ready for the HID set up.
My goal for this mod and my bike in general is to clean it up tighter, lower less clutter. We started off last week by ripping my bike apart everything was off except the front fender. We pulled the harness off and hooked up our donor harness un-loomed most of it and started removing any unwanted parts. I would love to go into detail about how we wired in the grip ace but PDM was the one who reworked the wiring diagram. I just soldered up the wires he told me to. We wired the grip ace to run off the stock fuse and also integrated a harness for an HID set up. So now the only connections in the headlights are the front blinkers and the HID connections.
Now for the only thing we care about the pics.
The harness all sliced and diced ready to be re-loomed.

All taped up the pink and blue wires are part of that HID set up just waiting on the right connections to come in. The white wires got weather pack connections and got ran to the brake switch.

The top thing is a hose but then it’s the old HID harness that will get pulled off when the new connections come in. Then the new harness, the small one is the from the grip ace switch pad to the grip ace controller.

See how empty that headlight bucket is lol.

The front brake light switch wire drilled and ran in to the bars it exits in the same place next to the left inside riser. I don’t have stock bars or risers (cobra). Helps clean it up by not having them ran on the outside of the bars.

She’s done I did what I wanted…. Clean the clutter up off the front end.

…..but look at them bars!

I still need to put on the end cap you can see the grip ace on the underside of the grip. FYI any one ever wanting to do this so far JB weld epoxy for plastics is working well for mounting the button pad in the grip. Mix it up apply it the hold it in place with zip ties wail it dries.

For some reason I’m posting a pic of myself with my bike.

I road home 40 miles with no problems at all. My opinion so far I love it, the self-canceling turn signals work just like they should. Once you hit the turn signal it works just like normal you can either hit the same button and turn it off or 10 seconds after you let go of both brakes it turns its self-off it has a wire that taps in to the brake light switch. In my opinion that is hella cool I am constantly leaving them on.
I will give a few updates saying how it is working. I have gone to hit the run switch almost every time I have gotten on it lol it’s not there. I can kill the bike with the key or kick stand.
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