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'07 Honda vt750c2 Turn Signal swap question

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So the original turn signals are broken and I found some on ebay to swap out. But they're not exactly the same, but the ad said they fit a 2007 vt750c2. The issue is the two have different ends of the connection - here are examples to give a visual. So the old type has a more circular rubber cork that fits into the opening, the new one does not. How can I modify it for the new ones to fit in place of the old?

Thoughts? Opinions? DIY's?

Old type -
2 x Chrome Universal Motorcycle Bike Turn Signals Light Blinkers Bulb Amber Lens | eBay

New type -
2X Motorcycle Black LED Rear Turn Signal Light Indicator Amber for Harley Bobber | eBay
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Just cut the plugs from the old signals and reattach to the new signals with solder and heat shrink.

Would this work since one end is more of a circle and the other is like a tad stretched oval?
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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