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'07 Honda vt750c2 Turn Signal swap question

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So the original turn signals are broken and I found some on ebay to swap out. But they're not exactly the same, but the ad said they fit a 2007 vt750c2. The issue is the two have different ends of the connection - here are examples to give a visual. So the old type has a more circular rubber cork that fits into the opening, the new one does not. How can I modify it for the new ones to fit in place of the old?

Thoughts? Opinions? DIY's?

Old type -
2 x Chrome Universal Motorcycle Bike Turn Signals Light Blinkers Bulb Amber Lens | eBay

New type -
2X Motorcycle Black LED Rear Turn Signal Light Indicator Amber for Harley Bobber | eBay
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Yea, those wont fit without some modding, i really hate the "Fits this model" bull on eBay these days because no one is tasked with checking that they will. I mean 'anything' can be made to fit on 'any' bike with modification, but most buyers are looking for a direct fit replacement. Neither of these are that.

What you want are Honda signals, they should be cheap as dirt, pretty much any one from nearly any cruiser model from at least 2001 to now will fit. If i didnt cut my rears apart i would send you the ones from my Fury.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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