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1/4 of the way there......

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Well I did the first part of my MSF class Wednesday night. The next step is tomorrow and we will be on the bikes..... the instructor said we will play with the bikes but never get them out of first gear. It is a start. Next week will be testing week on Wednesday the written test and on Sat the driving test. I am sooo excited..... one week away from being a real "rider" with a license. lol of course that "real rider" statement will only allow me access to the parking lots for awhile. :) But Hey... it is a start!
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The class is the route I took to get my license. I wouldn't do it any other way! Have fun with the rest of the class.
sweetlilchit said:
..... the instructor said we will play with the bikes but never get them out of first gear.
That's how I started - Sitting on Dad's harley just talking. "Hey dad, can I start it up?" "Sure." Sat on it while it was running a bit. "Hey dad, I'm gonna put it in gear, ok?" "Sure." Sat on it some more and then got used to it's power by letting the clutch out a little bit, and pull it in again. Before too long I had decided to take it to the end of the driveway and out onto the street and come back in the other side (Horshoe driveway).

Anyway, good luck with "first gear day" - I fondly remember first gear day for me....


Relax and have fun!

It is a great way to start.

I am looking to accumulate miles in order to take ERC on my Spirit.

ahh i wish i had a first gear day.... when i learned way back when on a little honda 80 i got it going and kept it going got in to third and didnt know how to down shift.... needless to say i face planted into a moble home.... should of had a first gear day... those i now believe are inportant....

You live one step at a time.... make sure the ground shakes with every step...
byg_mi said:
I fondly remember first gear day for me....
Yeah, I remember my first beer...I mean gear. :shock: :lol:
spoupard said:
byg_mi said:
I fondly remember first gear day for me....
Yeah, I remember my first beer...I mean gear. :shock: :lol:
Yeah, mine were on the same day too.
Glad to hear your nearing your training time. The weather might be "iffy' this coming week and I hope it doesn't hold up the training. :roll:

I was waiting till you got this over with before we try to meet up for breakfast/lunch ride. Don't want to add pressure. Just take it a step at a time.

Eat a good meal before the class...I've seen more than a few people bonk who skipped breakfast because they didn't want to eat on a nervous stomach.

Good luck and have fun.
My MSF starts on monday. Almost a year since i got my permit (just in time i might add too). They are so backlogged i couldnt get in last year, winter was too cold and finally i got locked into a guaranteed spot. Been waiting to take this course.
AngryHatter said:
Enjoy the duck walk across the parking lot.
Oh, I remember it will. Ironically, I still duck walk my bike sometimes when I'm trying to manuveur around something and don't want to give it too much throttle.
I wish I had a class!!

I started with "this is a motorcycle, it is a 340lb projectile in a wreck, this is the clutch, you can drive a stick cant you, this is the front brake, this is the rear, this is the gear shift/pattern" speech. Then I got to start it, then I got to move... I wrecked (in grass, I would brake with the front and accelerate because I was rocking my wrist back). When I got the hang of it, I got to go to the road. Next day, 70 mile road trip to get a leather coat, 70 mph, head wind, underpowered rider and bike, then parking lot practice. My old man laughed at me the whole way... I had my permit before I even learned to start it. Third day, test and licensing. Took two tries, but I passed (I couldnt get the weave going very well.... the instructor had never riden. Second time, still having minor problems, so the tester says take a moving start, no problems that time.) Fourth day, move to VA, bike in uhual. been riding ever since. I didn't get to a class (ERC) until I had been riding for about 4 months and I had one wreck (slower car cut my off while I was in a turn and then hit his brakes. I learned that my old man was right... not a matter of if, but when and how you go down. Good luck on your class, practice what they preach... they know what they are talking about.
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Please remember that, like a university degree, once the MSF is complete, you have just begun your learning. I have three levels of course under my belt and I am still, and will continue, learning.

I have said before, the day I determine I have no more to learn, is the very day I hang up my riding gear for good.

Please be safe, it looks like you are well on your way down the right route and remember, you have a huge number of forum members that are here to support you 100%.


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