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:D :D So I am off for a week tomorrow on a cruise to Mexico. This was a valentines surprise from my wife. However, I could not go away that long with out taking the Dragoon for a quick ride. Well, I took a wrong turn ( on purpose because who knows) and it turned out to be a ride of pure joy. I ended up n the hills east of Carlsbad and found a “canyon” road I never knew existed. I wandered around with no time limits and only the amount of gas I had as a restriction. Its was really the truest form of biking in my opinion. I had no where specific to go and was alone on the roads for most of the way. I was able to just putter around and really enjoy the scenery that surround the place I live. I would have never seen this beauty had I not been a biker 8) . Truly 103 miles of bliss. I hope everybody else had a great Friday too.

To the weekend :lol: :lol:

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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