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Have you run any fuel system cleaner though it? A few tankfuls of Seafoam (mixed according to the directions on the can, or even slightly more than that) may be all you need to clear the crud out of the carbs that's giving you the trouble.

Out of curiosity, have you verified that the choke system is working correctly? These Hondas are notorious for being cold-blooded, so a working choke is essential when it's under 60 degrees. if the carbs are clean and adjusted, and the choke is working, they should give you no trouble starting. My 1986 VT700 starts easily down to about 15 degrees, which is the coldest that I've been out riding it. I'm sure it would start colder than that.

Also, because the choke is a fuel enricher, and not a true butterfly-type choke, it relies on intake vacuum to pull more fuel in. if you grip the throttle while starting it, it's effectively disabling the choke. Best thing to do is to turn the choke on, keep your hand off of the throttle, and crank it over. Once the engine catches, just give it a little bit throttle to increase the idle. If you give it too much, the choke stops working right, and it will stall out.

My 1983 Nighthawk has the exact same behavior.

Let us know what you find out!

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