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'97 Spirit 1100 - Chandler, AZ
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Hey guys I got this mostly mint ascot from 84 with 8,3kk on the clock. She basically doesnt wanna do anything else other than idle especially after she gets up to temp. I have a manual on the way along with the rest of my incomplete fuel/vacuum system and a new air filter. Fresh oil change not even 20 miles on it. Had a rusty tank before, I had let it sit with seafoam in the carbs for a day or so, drained it and repeated until it came out clean. Carbs still need to be pulled and cleaned. Where can I get a rebuild kit that will work for this? I'll drive to cali from Wisconsin if I have to for it otherwise I'm happy to order online. Please help out guys im pretty much stuck with it until it runs I got too much money into it already.
Nice bike Steve. You weren't kidding about it being mostly mint.
I've not yet tried the $15 China-made carb kits on e-Bay, but given the age of your bowl gaskets and such, it may be worth a try. From what you've described the jets are likely plugged/gummed up. Careful disassembly and cleaning should get it running well again. Let us know what you find-out after digging into them. Kevin
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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