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Alright, I can't find where to post anything so I am going to do it on here. I bought a 1985 Honda Shadow 700vt from this guy a few months ago. It is my first bike and I was excited to be introduced into the motorcycle world. When I first saw the bike, it started right up and seemed to run like new. However, once I bought it and I rode it for like 2 weeks, it all of a sudden began having issues. I continuously broke down and the bike would not start. I have had problem after problem with this damn thing and Im beginning to regret all of this. I constantly get to a point where I think I got the damn thing running good, but it will only run well for like 48 hours, then go right back to being nonfunctional. Additionally, I don't have the money to take it in to a shop to get the diagnosis. I am a college student who is learning all this while he goes, so I turned to forums for my last ditch effort. I have changed the oil, oil filter, spark plugs, fuel filter, I even got rid of all the rust in the tank, drained all the old gas, put all new gas in it, pulled the carb like 8 times and thoroughly cleaned it. I even put a new battery in it. I feel like I have done nearly everything, but still, it has gotten to the point to where it doesn't work. I rode in about 10 miles after working on it all day, and drove it back to my house, no problems at all. I even drove it to work for two days after that. Then, I went to go start it up and sure enough, same issues. It starts fine, then as I begin to drive, the idle starts bouncing all over the place. The bike starts slowing down and the more gas I give it, the faster it dies out, until eventually it quits, wont start, and I have to walk it all the way back home. Now it is in my drive way, I have yet again replaced fuel lines and fuel filter and it wont start. I pull the clutch in, turn the gas on and hold start and it just tries and tries and tries but wont bite. Eventually, it does, but it will not idle where it normally does, no matter how hard i try, and the second I give it some throttle, it cuts out. It just works when it wants to and it sucks. I have half the mind to go back and beat that old man's ass who sold this to me. I have owned this bike for nearly half a year and I have only been able to enjoy it a handful of times. It's about as useful as a boat anchor at this point. Any suggestions? I need help!
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