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I'm considering purchase of a 1997 Shadow 1100 and want to know what issues this bike may have.

I also run a vBulletin board and wonder if you have considered Spam-O-Matic from It is very effective and would negate the need to moderate new posts from every new member.
I'm also really trying to get an asnwer today for a 1997 ACE that I'm about to see and couldn't post on the main forum.

Reading through the issues.. I guess it scares me a bit as I notice that a lot of these bikes for sale, tons of starting, leaking issues.. almost seem like Lemons but I guess if everyone else is happy with them, it shouldn't be that bad.

I had a horrid, horrid experience with an old 1991 Honda Civic. Relay problems, starting problems, leaking problems, burning oil.. Brings back bad memories that's for sure when reading through some of the Shadow issues. I'm sure these types of liquid cooled bikes have these types of issues.. It's just odd there's so many for sale...
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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