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Since the 2002 Spirit has more high end power than low end power, is it more advantageous to have a 2-1 exhaust like the V&H Pro Pipe installed or keep it a 2-2 exhaust like the HK American Classic Straights? I am completely open to all makes and models of exhausts, and to learn the pros and cons of what is out there on the market. If there are exhausts out there that aren't marketed towards the Spirit but fit it (like the V&H Pro Pipe), I would like to know about it.

I have researched all the major brands (Cobra, V&H, HK) and see what they offer, but I would like to learn from real riders about their experiences. I would like to get an exhaust which will allow the bike to breathe better, have more torque, as well as be louder than stock (getting cut off is not fun).

Also, what is your take on exhausts with baffles vs. no baffles? Any information, opinions, pictures, etc is more than appreciated! I am here to learn from the veterans of the road.

Thanks and happy riding!
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