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2000 Ace 750 exhaust modification

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I have a low km ace and am hoping to get a bit more noise and power from my bike, and decided to go along the lines of a new exhaust.

i understand that the original has a strategic back pressure built in, and the pipes im putting on have limited baffles.

im told theres a screw to adjust your...idle mixture?
a pilot jet and a main jet.

also understood is that the throttle has multiple..i guess i'll call them sources that activate at different throttle demands, ie quarter turn, half turn, or whatever.

i expect that when i put the new pipes on, there will be different behavior from the engine such as stuttering or coughing, stumbling and backfiring.

what i really want to be able to understand is when i put the new pipes on, and i recognize "okay, it idles fine, but at a quarter turn it stutters. this means that *such n such* needs to change to accommodate the change"

so to do this, i need to know what jet controls what segment of throttle, and any other useful advice you want to throw in.

hope you all had a great christmas :-o
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I am considering the same modification on my 2002 ACE. My research from others on this change indicate the carb will need to be re-jetted to optimize performance with a change in exhaust. I would not tackle jetting myself. My local dealer has quoted the labor to me at $130. I am looking forward to the change. Good luck to you!

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Good info Old Dad. I may just replace those pipes and see how she runs before I invest in jets.

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