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2000 Ace 750 exhaust modification

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I have a low km ace and am hoping to get a bit more noise and power from my bike, and decided to go along the lines of a new exhaust.

i understand that the original has a strategic back pressure built in, and the pipes im putting on have limited baffles.

im told theres a screw to adjust your...idle mixture?
a pilot jet and a main jet.

also understood is that the throttle has multiple..i guess i'll call them sources that activate at different throttle demands, ie quarter turn, half turn, or whatever.

i expect that when i put the new pipes on, there will be different behavior from the engine such as stuttering or coughing, stumbling and backfiring.

what i really want to be able to understand is when i put the new pipes on, and i recognize "okay, it idles fine, but at a quarter turn it stutters. this means that *such n such* needs to change to accommodate the change"

so to do this, i need to know what jet controls what segment of throttle, and any other useful advice you want to throw in.

hope you all had a great christmas :-o
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It's not always necessary to have to re jet with new pipes. It's when you do pipes and play with the air box that you mostly have to re jet. The main thing to remember is to remove the old crush gaskets and install new ones at the pipes mounting. You may get some decel. popping that can easily be resolved with some slight adjustment of the the a/f screw.

surely someone will step in if I'm wrong on this.
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