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The bike ran fine before winter,I drained the fuel and ran the carbs out of fuel.drained what was left in the bowls about two months ago.Now all the bike does is starts runs for 2-5 seconds and dies,runs on choke only

heres what I did today,pulled carbs they are super clean,floats are working
fuel valve is working and flowing
fuel pump only pumps after the bike starts cranking over and pressure isnt alot but my 99cbr 600f4 does the same

when should the pump start pumping?The cbr starts as soon as I turn the key on
This is the last time I drain gas for the winter
4 months ago I paid to have the carbs cleaned before buying the bike,the rear cylinder pops thru the muffler alot but its probly due to the baffels being removed
What else can I check or verify?

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It sounds like you have done the right things.

Here is what i would do....I know from experience that these 1100's will run on the choke with very little gas in the carbs, so perhaps not enough gas is getting to the carbs.

First jumper the fuel cutoff relay so that the fuel pump will run as long as the key is on (search on how this is done). It doesn't hurt the pump to run this way. The downside is the fuel won't shut off until the key is in off. This eliminates the fuel cutoff relay as the guilty party.

Then attach some tubing to the drains of each carb and find a cup to catch the gas.

With the key on but not started, the fuel pump will only run until the carbs are pressurized, then stop. Open each carb drain and see if that carb has a stream of gas and soon the fuel pump should kick on to refill the carb. If this happens for both carbs this has verified the fuel system from tank to carbs, and now it sounds like a carb problem or the fuel relay.

If no gas to both carbs, it could be: the fuel screen at the top of the petcock, failed fuel pump, or clogged filter.

I hope that helps. Let us know how you make out. -Dave
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