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2005 VT1100C Spirit

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My 2005 Spirit with 13000 miles and still going strong.


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Do yourself a big favor, and get a Mustang Wide Touring seat. Best money I've spent on mine.
Only 13,000 miles. You need to be riding a lot more. I have 39,000 on my 04 Sabre and I would be double that if I lived where you do.
Welcome to the joint! And I agree with Diesel, that mustang seat felt like a couch whenever I rode anywhere!
Welcome brother.
I would love to be able to ride more that I do, but to many kids at home and spend to much time at work.
agreed with greekshadow and dieseljuice the mustang feels so nice under my butt ! My wife likes the better passenger cush along with the matching back rest .
Yup Mustang Seats Rule, & Welcome Aboard. :)
welcome to the shadow world
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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