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How to find out if it's been rejetted:
1. Remove carb bank off the bike.
2. Drop float bowl from the carb bodies.
3. Open a parts page to carb parts.
4. Read what size jets your year takes on the parts page, and the jet in hand has a number.
5. Order the jets the parts page calls for and install.
6. Never bottom out the air screw when turning in.
7. Tamper cap still on the carb, lucky you.
8. Look up a shop manual for your year, open to the fuel system chapter and find how many turns out and leave it there.
9. Bike is new enough to empty the wallet and replace anything that is missing like the air box, the hacksaw or aftermarket exhaust is to go back to stock.
10. You'll just post things like ride in the wet, happy a day of the week came around and something made you happy or learned something.
11. Or it's leave it alone, start posting how s-hitty the bike is running, keeps loading up, and carry a box of plugs and change them out every 3 weeks, because...
12.... I didn't listen to turtle and hear I am again.
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