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Ok, so if I am reading this right, I need to make 3 posts in here to get this ball a-rollin... so here is #2... a lil about my bikes...

My bike is a flat black 1998 Valkyrie Tourer... I bought it in December of 2005 with 2,800 miles on it... yea, there isn't a number missing... it only had two thousand, eight hundred miles on it. It has close to 60k on it now...

In Jan 2008, I was riding home from work, and a cager ran a light, I cliped the rear bumper and took a spill... all in all, I got the worse of it... broke my wrist in 4 places... got a nice souvineer of plates and screws in there... This was when my burgundy/cream Valk go changed into the flat black version...

In Summer of 08 I started searching for an 1100 ACE Tourer for my wife to ride... we had just gotten back from a 800 mile trip, and the 750 ACE wasn't cutting it any more... Well, in August of 2008 I was heading to the grocery store in my truck, and I caught the glimpse of a 1100 ACE Tourer in someone's front yard... I made a quick U turn and went and asked the owner (who was cleaning his garage) if he wanted to sell it. He said he had been thinking about it, so I gave him my number, told him to let me know if he decided to sell... a few days later, he called... And I scored a sweet deal on this bike... It did have 34k miles on it.. and it was quite dirty.... but I was happy as **** to get it... (so was my wife).

Shortly after buying the 1100 ACE I sold the 750 ACE... And here we are... :cool:
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